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Teens can’t write. Everyone says so. So what’s the point of this site anyways?

Think about it like this. Can a 84 year old man write good teen fiction? Can teens relate to his World War II fighter plane stories? Not so much. Even their parents can’t explain a lot of teen logic. So what right have they to write it? In fact, I think that teens are the most qualified to write YA fiction because they understand what goes on in their own heads.

In fact, teens can be amazing writers. And they have indeed been published before. Want evidence? Check out my page titled Can Teens Really Get Published? Yes, here’s the proof.

So how can I become a part of Young Writers Cafe?

I hope you do! Please leave comments on our articles and share what you know! Tell me about any contests or great resources open to teen writers.

How do I request a book review?

I will read pretty much all sorts of Middle Grade and Young Adult books as long as they so not include inappropriate ideas or scenes. I particularly enjoy fantasy. If you have a request, please read my Book Review Requests page.



Hi! I appreciate all comments and I comment back on your blog!

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